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Alejandro Sosa

Alejandro "Alex" Sosa is a Bolivian drug lord (Leading the Bolivian Cartel). He was portrayed by Paul Shenar. Sosa is called Alex by Tony Montana and Gaspar Gomez, which fans have used for him as a nickname. He serves as Tony's chief nemesis and the main antagonist of the film.

A powerful drug lord from Bolivia, Sosa resides in Cochabamba, where he governs a large cocaine plantation. His drug empire stretches across the Andes. There he arranges a meeting with Tony, along with Omar Suarez, who are there to help secure a cocaine transaction on the behalf of Frank Lopez, Tony's boss back in Miami who cannot leave the state due to his upcoming trial. Tony begins to make increasingly demanding offers. Omar, fearing for his life, angrily demands that Tony stop making such outrageous offers without Frank's consent. Sosa, somewhat impressed with Tony's ability to negotiate, feigns agreement with Omar by saying Tony is too junior to make deals, and supposedly sends him back to Florida. Sosa then explains that Omar was actually an informant, and then gives Tony binoculars to see Omar being thrown out of and hung by the neck on the same helicopter he was flying home.

Sosa sends Tony home, agreeing to the demands of Tony, a deal of 2000 kilos of cocaine for $50 million. When Frank hears about this, he is outraged, for he does not have the many millions of dollars it would take to pay Sosa for the cocaine. Tony manages to convince Lopez that he can make money on the side, in case there is not enough money to pay off Sosa. Tony also attempts to convince Frank that Sosa has established a "credit line" with them, as he is well aware that they cannot pay the full $50 million right away.

Lopez, feeling Tony has run amok, then calls a hit on him. The hit is unsuccessful, and Tony responds by killing Lopez, and taking over his empire.

Later, Tony runs into trouble with tax evasion, and faces up to three years in prison. Sosa invites Tony to his large mansion complex and explains to Tony that he can make sure he doesn't face any prison time, but only if he supervises the assassination of a journalist who is troubling Sosa and his entire drug operation in Bolivia and also has a story that could send Sosa to the electric chair.

Planting a car bomb, Tony and the hitman tail the car with a remote-controlled detonator. They are surprised to see the man's wife and two daughters enter the car with him. Tony, now extremely reluctant to continue with the hit, becomes increasingly agitated with the hitman, until he completely snaps. Tony then murders the hitman who was supposed to kill the journalist.

Sosa berates Tony over the telephone for this, stating that the bomb was found and that the journalist now has "security up the ass", making it impossible for them to attempt another hit, but Tony shows his defiance and states that he will willingly go to a mob war against Sosa. In revenge for the sabotage, Sosa has many members of his personal guard sneak into Tony's mansion in the night. They murder Tony, as well as all his armed guards, but not before Tony personally kills many of them.

In Scarface: The World Is Yours, Sosa is killed by Tony 3 months after the attempted assassination at his house. Sosa also recruits George Sheffield, Tony's corrupt lawyer, and Gaspar Gomez during the game.

Tony lets Sosa know that he can be trusted.